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Alcoholics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous


Substance Abuse Social Indicators Web Page

Need to stop drinking?, Introduction to Alcoholics Anonymous,
...a 12-step organization for family and friends of Alcoholics...

Online AA Recovery Resources

12 Step Recovery

...a meeting list of any 12 Step recovery group, for any state...

Mental Health Net - Substance Abuse & Alcoholism Resources

12 Step Programs of Recovery

12 Step Links\shrine\

... Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous - Al-Anon - Online 12 Step

From the editor's desk... How It Works - Alcoholics Anonymous

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Alcoholics Anonymous resources
...Hard of Hearing AA 12 Step Recovery Resources

Alcoholics Anonymous and the Counseling Profession:

Online Recovery - 12-Step Groups
...Nicotine Anonymous, a 12-step recovery program. -...

The Founders of Alcoholics Anonymous
..termed "hopeless" alcoholics, began a program of recovery that has...

12 step program drug addiction recovery

12 Step Recovery Sites
...Links Discussions 12 Step Sites that use the...

Twelve Step Home Page

Cocaine Anonymous World Services Online

Sex Addicts Anonymous

A.A. ( Alcoholics Anonymous ) and Related Self-help Books


Twelve Steps to Recovery
Recovery from religion abuse

The Marijuana Anonymous Home Page

Mental Health Net - Gambling Addiction
Comprehensive listing of gambling addiction information and self-help resources online.

Alcoholism Index - Alcoholics
Alcoholism Index: Search engine of alcoholism and alcoholics resources.

Humor Anonymous
people who are grateful for the role humor plays in our recoveries.

Non-AA Recovery Resources


Phone  Hotlines

800-COCAINE or 800-262-2463

888-MARIJUANA or 888-627-4582

AA Hotline: 508-992-7788

AL-ANON (and ALATEEN for younger members):1-888-425-2666, in Canada and the USA

Alcohol & Drug Referral Hotline: 800-327-5050 24 hour service

Alcohol Information Center : 781-321-2600

Alcoholic Anonymous: 212-870-3400

Alcoholism Hotline: 800-252-6465

American Council on Alcoholism: 800-527-5344, (410)889-0100

Business Against Drunk Drivers: 800-764-BADD

Center for Substance Abuse Treatment: 800-662-HELP

Coalition on Addiction, Pregnancy & Parenting: 617-661-3991

Cocaine Anonymous: 1-800-347-8998

Compulsive Gambling Hotline: 800-LOSTBET

Depression/Alcohol and Drug Addiction Trauma Hotline: 800-544-1177

Food Addiction Hotline: 800-872-0088

Gambler's Anonymous: 617-338-6020 24 hour support line.

MA Council on Compulsive Gambling: 1-800-252-6465

MADD Hotline: 1-800-633-6233

Main Institute for Prevention of Alcohol & Other Drug Problems: 415-456-5692

McLean Hospital   (Eating Disorders Unit): 800-333-0338

Narcotics Anonymous: 818-773-9999

National Association of State Alcohol and Drug Abuse Directors: 202-783-6868

National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information: 800-729-6686, (301)468-2600

National Council on Alcohol and Drug Dependency: 800-622-2255

National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence Hope Line: 800-475-HOPE

National Drug and Treatment Referral Routing Service: 1-800-662-HELP (4357) Alcohol and drug information/treatment referral assistance.

National Eating Disorder Hotline: 800-248-3285

National Eating Disorders Association: (206) 382-3587

New Jersey Addictions Hotline: 1-800-238-2333.

New York City Addictions Hotline: call 1-800-LIFENET

Overeaters Anonymous: 617-641-2323 781-641-2303

Phone Directory of Narcotics Anonymous:

Positive Action Against Chemical Addiction (PAACA): 508-997-9051

Sex Addiction Hotline: 800-551-9888

Sexual Compulsives Anonymous: 1-800-977-HEAL

Statewide Substance Abuse Information Line: 800-ALCOHOL / 800-COCAINE

Links to Other Information

Addiction Treatment Forum

Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission

Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Information

Alcohol and Alcoholism

American Council for Drug Education

Brief Addiction Science Information Source (BASIS)

Center for Addiction and Mental Health

College Drinking: Changing the Culture

Commonly Abused Drugs

Drug Facts: Office of the National Drug Control Policy

Dr Groholís Alcoholism and Substance Abuse

Drugs of Addiction and Abuse

Health Central: Alcohol Abuse

Help Horizons: Addiction and Recovery

Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse And Violence Prevention

Medem: Medical Library - Science Abuse and Addictions

Medline Plus

Meth Monster Page

Methamphetamine & Methamphetamine Addiction Information

National Clearing House for Alcohol and Drug Information

National Families in Action Drug Abuse Update

National Institute on Chemical Dependency

National Institute on Drug Abuse: Club Drugs

National Institute on Drug Abuse: Prescription Medications

National Treatment Referral

Neuroscience for Kids: Alcohol

Prescription Drug Abuse

Principles of Drug Addiction Treatment: A Research Based Guide

Science Direct: Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment

The Anti-Meth Site

The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence

Recovery Resources Online

Web MD Health: Alcohol Abuse and Dependence

Online-only Help

E-Get Going Online Addiction Treatment Alcohol and Drug Rehab Counseling

Sex Addicts Anonymous Meetings

Treatment facility locator:

12 STEP ORGANIZATIONS (try web sites on these as well)
Alcohol and Drug Help Line 1-800-851-3291
AA-Alcoholics Anonymous1-800-923-8722/212 647-1680
AA Spanish 212-964-2560
Al-Anon 212-941-0094
APPLE (statewide Black & Puerto Rican/Latino Substance Abuse) 516-979-7300
CA-Cocaine Anonymous 212-939-7300
CODA-Co-Dependants Anonymous 212-969-8624
DA-Debtors Anonymous 212-969-8111
FA-Families Anonymous 1-800-735-9805
GA-Gamblers Anonymous 1-877-664-2469
Life Net (Referrals on anything) 1-800-lifenet (543-3638)
MA-Marijuana Anonymous 212-479-7302
NACoA (National Assn. For Children of Alcoholics) 1-888-554-2627
NA-Narcotics Anonymous 1-818-773-9999/212-929-6262
OA-Overeaters Anonymous 1-877-664-2469/212-679-0928
SA-Sex/Love Addicts Anonymous 1-800-477-8191/212-459-4044
New York State Substance Abuse Treatment & Referral 1-800-662-4357
New York State Alcoholism & Substance Abuse Services 1-800-522-5353
In Manhattan 501 7th Ave @ 37th Street 646-728-4533
New York State Smoking & Health Information 1-800-232-1311
Smoke Quit Line 1-888-609-6292

Choices 220 East 78th Street NY, NY 10021 (212) 794-3858 -check out book sites

RECOVERY BOOKS FOR ADDICTS (these books are available on corresponding web sites and at 12-step meetings)
Alcoholics Anonymous
Narcotics Anonymous
Living Sober
How To Live Debt Free. Jerrold Mundis.
Daily Reflections. Alcoholics Anonymous International Association
24-Hour Book Hazelden.

Why AL-Anon Works
One Day At A Time
Courage To Change
Hope For Today (for children of alcoholics)
Language of Letting Go. Melody Beattie
Love Addiction Pia Mellody

TREATMENT CENTERS (locations and phone numbers may change without our knowledge-call 1-212-555-1212 if the number is longer in service)
Betty Ford Institute 1-800-854-9211
Caron Institute Warnersville, Pennsylvania. Detox, in-patient, family, adolescence 1-800-678-2332
Dr. Tian Dayton Psychodrama Training 1-800 678-2332
Freedom Institute 515 Madison Ave/ 212-0044
Hazelden New York (212) 420-9520 322 8th Avenue NY, NY 10001-6779 Intensive Outpatient Programs Day and Night-Family & Friends Program
Hazelden Center in Minnesota Detox, inpatient, adolescence, family, extended care 1-800-257-7800
PROMISES Malibu, California 1-310-390-2340
Silver Hill New Canaan Ct. 1-888-647-3451
Father Martin's Ashley Maryland 1-800-799-7273

ACI 212-293-3000
Alcoholism Council Of New York -325 Park Avenue South/212-252-7022
Areba Casriel ( also Spanish) 1342 500 W 57th Street /212-293-3000
ARC 1881 Park Ave (128th St Spanish speaking)/212 427-1342
Bellevue Recovery Clinic 462 First Ave/212-561-4487
Beth Israel Medical Center 245 E. 17th Street/212-420-4411 de-tox
Bronx St. Barnabas Hospital #rd Ave and 183rd St/718-950-6636
Cabrini Medical Center 227 E. 19th St/212-995-6466
F.E.G.S. (Fed. Employment and Guidance Service) 510 6th Ave 14th St
Flatbush Addiction Treatment Center 1463 Flatbush Ave/718-951-9000
Gracie Square 421 E. 75th St./212-434-5344
Greenwich House 80 Fifth Avenue 212-691-2900
High Watch Farms, Connecticut 1-860-927-3772
Holliswood Hospital Hollis Queens 1-800-486 3005
ICD 340 E. 24th St/212-585-6260
Intercare Park Avenue South and 23rd/212-532-0303
Lower East Side Service Center 212-431-4610
Post-Graduate Center for Mental Health 124 E. 28th St/212 576-4190
Queens Hospital Center 82-68 164th St. in Jamaica-718-883-2750
Odyssey House 212-987-5100
Phoenix House 164 W. 74th St/212-595-5810-adolescent and adult program
Project Renewal 8 E. 3rd Street/212-533-8400
Pregnant Addicted Mothers (Medicaid outpatient) 212-360-7792
Pride Institute (homosexual issues and recovery) 1-800-54-PRIDE
Smithers (detox-Medicaid) 1-212-523-6491
New York State Substance Abuse Treatment & Referral 1-800-662-4357
New York State Alcoholism & Substance Abuse Services 1-800-522-5353
In Manhattan 501 7th Ave @ 37th Street 646-728-4533
New York State Smoking & Health Information 1-800-232-1311
Smoke Quit Line 1-888-609-6292
Realization Center
Smithers 59th and 10th Ave/212-523-6491
St. Lukes Roosevelt 111 Amsterdam/212-523-4000
St. Vincent's Catholic Medical Center 144 West 12th St. (detox, outpatient, inpatient)
Manhattan 212-604-8220
Bronx, Westchester, Putnam & Rockland County 1-800-784-8804
Richmond Country Inpatient 718-876-295/outpatient 718-667-4600
King's Country detox 718-221-3502/methadone 713-953-2302
Queen's Country methadone 718-291-1888/outpatient 718-558-7014
The Bridge 245 West 108th St. 212 663-300/865-5347

WEB INFO 1-916-987-2002 (US Substance Abuse-Mental Health Services) (National Institute and Drug Administration) (National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

DRUG TESTERS 1-800-676-5565


MA addiction site

Partnership for a Drug Free America